There once was a time when Madonna sang about her experience as a virgin and nobody cared what the Reflex really was. Franky went to Hollywood for some reason, rain was purple, Michael was not a white guy and if you couldn't get enough, you had to shout and let it all out. They all moved to MTV to show us the worst haircuts in the history of the world but what the hell, the sun always seems to shine on TV. The Radio Stars bring back the Stars of the Video live on stage! Back to the 80's! Three years ago the band decided to take a break after a five year tour through the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. They always got the crowd dancing where ever they performed the pop electric tunes from the Eighties. Now the band is back with a new Non-Stop show, a new name and a few new members. Mathieu 'Hot Lips' Dierckx and Moz-Art were joined by Tina 'Zina' Schoutens on vocals, bass player Dries 'Fast Fingers' Verhaert (BEAR) and Johan 'Iron Man' Roelandt on guitar. Later on Wim 'Funny Man' Van Deuren (The Scabs, Katy Too, Askari) on keyboard and Jef 'TR-909' Vandervorst (Edison)on drums came to their senses and completed the Radio Stars.

Extra Stars

Add a little fun to the mix! Book one of our fantastic guest stars to join The Radio Stars on stage! Brahim, Raf Van Brussel, Jessy De Smet and Claudia Decaluwé are friends of the eighties. Call our agency for more info. Extra Stars


Date City Venue Country
Tour: Dance Hall Days Tour
07/07/16 Dendermonde Dendermonde Viert Belgium
Time: 21:30. Address: Grote Markt. Special Guest: BRAHIM
16/01/16 Turnhout ‘t Keizershof Belgium
Time: 21:00. Address: Hoveniersstraat 1.
24/10/15 Vilvoorde Live op JOE FM – Live is life Belgium
Time: 18:00. Live opde radio met Nathalie Delporte
17/10/15 Durbuy Bedrijfsfeest Belgium
Time: 22:00.
25/09/15 Anderlecht Bedrijfsfeest ASAP Belgium
Time: 21:30.
14/08/15 Hasselt Privé Feest Belgium
Time: 21:30.
25/07/15 Izegem Bosmolenfeesten Belgium
Time: 21:30. ft. Brahim
25/06/15 Antwerpen Ritmo Summer Party Belgium
Time: 21:30.
21/05/15 Lier Joe Fm 80’s Top 800 Live! Belgium
Time: 21:30. Address: Grote Markt. ft Raf Van Brussel en Leen Demaré
20/02/15 ST-Events Ruisbroek Opname Video Clip Jessy & Claudia Decaluwé Belgium
Time: 13:30.
25/01/15 ST-Events Ruisbroek Opname Video Clip Brahim & Raf Van Brussel Belgium
Time: 13:30.
31/10/14 Kapellen Privé feest Belgium
Time: 21:30.
19/09/14 Mol Bedrijfsfeest Belgium
Time: 22:00.
30/08/14 Sint-Niklaas The Eighties Belgium
Time: 22:30.
16/08/14 Liezele Zomer in Puurs Belgium
Time: 22:30.
27/07/14 Gent Gentse Feesten Belgium
Time: 20:30.
26/07/14 Sint-Niklaas The Eighties Belgium
Time: 23:30.
21/06/14 Sint-Niklaas The Eighties Belgium
Time: 23:30.
23/05/14 Sint-Niklaas The Eighties Belgium
Time: 23:30.
04/02/14 Waasmunster Het Speels Geweten Belgium
Time: 22:00.
19/12/13 Waasmunster Afspanning Tante Yvonne Belgium
Time: 21:00.
10/08/13 Turnhout Zomer op het Plein Belgium
Time: 21:30. ft Raf Van Brussel

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Bookings & Info

Voor meer info en bookings neemt u contact op met Erik Jacobs:

Erik Jacobs +32 468 347 139


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Mishmash verzorgt jouw 'eighties verantwoorde' restyling. Van kop tot teen, van make-up tot epaulet, van (wafel)haar tot powerpump. Laat ons jou onder handen nemen voor een flitsende flashback!

Je weet wel, terug naar die tijd toen Twix nog Raider heette, toen de Knight Rider tegen zijn auto praatte en Madonna en George Michael nog ongestraft in visnetshirt mochten rondhuppelen. Mishmash maakt het mogelijk! Denk flashy outfits, blitse make-up, de juiste accessoires.

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